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Packaging FAQs

What products are your packaging solutions designed for?

We work with companies that sell edibles, dry herb, concentrates and more.
Is your packaging odor-proof?
Yes, our Kinder-Zip® flexible pouch is designed with superior oxygen and moisture barriers to lock in aroma and maintain the freshness of your product.

Is your packaging re-sealable?

Yes, we offer re-sealable packaging options - including child-resistant locking features that re-engage upon closing. 

Can I customize my labels and packaging?

Yes, we offer many customization options to meet your needs! We know that packaging is an incredibly important, memorable part of the customer experience. We’ll work with you to create the perfect packaging for your brand.

Child-Resistant Packaging FAQs

What is child-resistant packaging?

Child-resistant packaging reduces the risk of children getting harmed by certain substances. These substances include prescription meds (including cannabis/marijuana products), over-the-counter medicines, and household chemicals.

While these substances aren’t harmful to adults, it’s possible for children to overdose and become poisoned as a result. That’s why special packaging needs to be difficult for kids get into, but easy for adults to open (including seniors and disabled people). You’re probably familiar with the 

child-resistant packaging present on everyday products like ibuprofen, mouthwash and more.
What are the legal requirements for special packaging?
Basically, all cannabis packaging needs to be opaque, secure and sealed with locking plastic slides, push-and-turn caps, or other approved locks. There might also be a dosage or weight limit for the product. Our products are child-resistant certified under 16 CFR 1700 requirements.

Do marijuana and cannabis products require child-resistant packaging?

Yes, in most states. For example, the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code requires that all marijuana and cannabis products are sold in special packaging. And, the California recreational marijuana laws specify that cannabis products must be sold in tamper evident, child-resistant packaging. These are just a few examples of state laws. Depending on the state(s) where you operate, it is likely that you’ll have to comply with special packaging regulations.

What happens if my products are not compliant with child-resistant packaging requirements?
If you live in an area where child-resistant packaging is necessary, it will be illegal to sell your products if the packaging is non-compliant. You could be subject to any number of penalties.
If patients have arthritis or other dexterity issues, will they be able to open your Kinder-Zip® or Kinder-Lok® packaging?

Yes. We know that many medical marijuana patients have conditions that cause pain and/or affect their ability to use their hands. That’s why we designed our packaging to be accessible to adults with dexterity issues while also being child-resistant.
Are you CR certified?
Yes, our Kinder-Zip® and Kinder-Lok® are both child-resistant certified under16 CFR 1700 requirements.

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